Overnight Lip Mask 15ml

Overnight Lip Mask 15ml

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A nourturing lip mask that cares for you lips while you sleep. Can also easily be used during the day with its glossy finish.


Kiss dry lips goodbye with our OVERNIGHT LIP MASK. 
This nourishing lip mask is a spa treatment for soft, supple lips and ads a glossy sheen.

An intensive lip treatment that repairs dry, flaky lips so you wake up with smoother, softer lips.
OVERNIGHT LIP MASK adds ultimate hydration, softness and nourishment to dry or chapped lips.

We have used the best active ingredients to ensure the highest quality and the most effective formulas without compromising.

Can be used as an all-day treatment too! 
This ultra-moisturising night cream instantly delivers 72-hour non-stop moisture and keeps the skin soft and smooth. OVERNIGHT MASK helps to rebuild and strengthen the skin while you sleep. So you can wake up to fresh and smooth skin every morning.

OVERNIGHT MASK is packed with moisturizing ingredients, and especially suitable for dry, dull og tired skin in need of extra care.


  • Repairs dry & flaky lips
  • Adds hydration, softness and nourishment
  • Reduces & smooths out wrinkles, fine lines & dry skin
  • Can be used as an all-day treatment
 Allergy Certified
 Perfume Free